An Inescapeable Conclusion

This was written by somebody on social media…  This type of comment is common now.

Civil war is now inevitable – Victorian Police – their proudest moment – a 70 year old woman.

“If protesters are at the point of violence I say what else would you expect.
When people send a million emails and phone calls to people in parliament to be fallen on deaf ears, to have their constitutional right to protest taken, shown up peacefully on numerous occasions to be spat on by the news, police and other members of the brainwashed public, after you’ve lost everything and all of your options are exhausted, when the next move is coming for your fucking kids and your business is already gone. When the government and police force have declared war on the people..
Well I say I’m surprised it took this long. Back somebody into a corner and watch what happens”
Just look at the video and pictures, these do not lie. There are unconfirmed reports as to the ill health of this dear lady. These reports include but not limited to:
  • broken hip
  • severe concussion
  • eyesight badly affected
  • broken pelvis
  • lots more

The image below is of the 2 grubs that almost killed this woman.

The image below that is where it appears they were identified.

The quetion this website asks is why are these 2 still alive?

This website assumes no liability for the accuracy of any information

2 police grubs

close up of injured woman

On Social Media you cannot hide

cop who pepper sprayed 70 year old lady

Melbourne Tradies Protesting

The all important video and evidence of the horrific act against this poor lady

Another take on the whole subject

Updated Pics after intial web page made

cop that killed 70 year old 70 year old died

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