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This website has many friends in Townsville North Queensland. For many years youth crime has been out of control. By far the worst offenders are aboriginal kids. Not racist – just a fact. The biggest single reason these kids get away with it all is the misguided bleeding heart white people trying to make excuses for these “poor disadvantaged” aboriginal kids. These kids know the law cannot touch them so they just keep on doing what they do. And why not. Legislative changes are bullshit, same laws apply to everyone equally.

Queensland police arrest two teens over fatal Townsville crash as youth crime taskforce announced

Jennifer Board smiles as she looks back to the camera while sat on the beach at what appears to be sunset.
Jennifer Board died on Friday when her motorbike was struck by a car.(Supplied: Siana Board)

Police in Townsville in north Queensland have today arrested two 18-year-old men in connection with driving a stolen vehicle involved in a collision that left motorcyclist Jennifer Board, 22, dead.

The arrests come as police announced plans to fly six detectives from Brisbane to assist officers in Townsville on a new taskforce to clamp down on repeat youth offenders.

Police also arrested a 17-year-old girl yesterday, believed to be a passenger in the stolen vehicle.

Ms Board was allegedly struck by a vehicle that lost control while chasing a stolen vehicle in a vigilante-style pursuit on Friday night.

However, police are yet to lay any charges against the three alleged vigilantes whose vehicle struck Ms Board.

A close up of two flower bunches with notes written to the victim.
Flower memorials have piled high at the scene of the crash.(ABC News: Chloe Chomicki)

Assistant Commissioner Brett Schafferius said the investigation was ongoing and any additional arrests would be dictated by the evidence as it came forward.

“Can I say to vigilantes out there — stop it,” Assistant Commissioner Schafferius said.

“If you think for one second you are contributing to community safety in Townsville, you are wrong.

“You are putting yourselves and innocent members of our community at risk, and it can end in fatal consequences.”

Police refused to say whether any of the teenagers under arrest had been on bail, but said all alleged offenders were known to police.

Police also confirmed they had a suspect in connection to a break-in at Ms Board’s unit after she died.

Police said there was no evidence the alleged thief knew it was Ms Board’s unit.

Police fly in additional officers to tackle youth crime in Townsville

Assistant Commissioner Schafferius said the new taskforce would commence immediately and run 24/7.

It will re-route around 100 officers to specifically target recidivist offenders.

“Can I just highlight the incredible work officers in Townsville have been doing in this space already,” Assistant Commissioner Schafferius said.

“Putting this together in this new format, is enhancing and putting on steroids what has been occurring, to get these offenders off the street.”

Yesterday the Queensland Opposition called on the State Government to reintroduce breach of bail as an automatic criminal offence for youth offenders.

“We’ll continue to do our job within the legislative framework that’s provided to us,” Assistant Commissioner Schafferius said, when asked about legislative changes.

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-08/queensland-police-taskforce-youth-crime-response-arrest-teens/13131572

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