Create you own web page on this site

The advantage to this is you have it out there on the web permanently, you can copy the link and post it on social media or use our “on page” social media posting links. Social media cannot delete it on this site.

It is simple. Just email it in to (postie at

Yes it is that simple. And yes you can even choose the category you want the post to appear in. That’s simple as well.

In the email subject line put that category in as such [humanity] in [] or whatever category you choose from all our categories then followed by the actual subject matter which will become the title of the web page – for example – Its A Dogs Life –

Your subject line in this example would be “[humanity] Its a dogs life”

In the text area write your page narrative, include any pictures you want.

No these will all have to be approved first before publication, the reasons we feel are quite obvious. So spammers, dont bother.

Happy posting – knock yourself out.

Please make any comments you wish to make in the forum follow this link

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