Oh Dear God, Its Coming

The shit is about to hit the fan. Its obvious Albanese will along with a few others be assassinated very soon. 

As was written on social media and is being echoed everywhere..

I’m fairly sure that’s why we hold referendums… NOT FOR OUR PRIME MINISTER TO IGNORE AND DO WHAT HE WANTS… W T F…!!!

You have to be seriously screwed in the head not to understand the simplicity of the above statement and think that everyone is going to lie down and take it. It isn’t going to happen that way. There is already serious talk of civil war in Victoria, Police are resigning en-masse and not being replaced – all over Australia. Arm up guys it really will happen. The shit fight will be over in days, the left wing will not have the fighting power to hold a protracted battle, they never do.

Following the shit fight there will be mass public executions. In case you are worried about weapons, there are plenty available, you just have to know where to look and who will be behind you. Please do not forget Malcom Turnbull tried to get this very same thing introduced tut was told very bluntly to fuck off.

Please, get your weapons ready now, the issues of a serious lockdown will eventuate, the last one was a dry run. Oh yes, Bill Gates is in Australia right now holding extensive meetings with Albanese. It wont be about the next version of windows. Gates will need to go as well.

May be an image of 11 people, people standing and text that says "NEWS .com.au 7NEWS Australia @7NewsAu... 3d 3d Teal Independents will support a move to legislate an Indigenous Voice to parliament, regardless of the results of a referendum. It comes after the Prime Minister said he wouldn't rule out legislating the voice if Australians voted 'no'. 7NEWS.com.au #7NEWS 11:36 TEALS BACK INDIGENOUS VOICE PM WON'T RULE OUT IGNORING 'NO' VOTE CLAIMS RE SALTIE COULD ACTUALLY BE DUGONG 22.3K views NE ACTOR 117 126 山 31.3K"

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