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Judge in mandatory jab challenge cases says he’s been ‘bombarded’ by anti-vaxers

A nurse wearing protective equipment and face mask injects a seated patient at an outdoor vaccination centre.
A legal challenge is underway into the NSW public health orders requiring some workers to be vaccinated. 

A judge hearing legal challenges to mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for frontline workers has told the NSW Supreme Court he has been bombarded with messages from people trying to interfere in the administration of justice.

Justice Robert Beech-Jones is presiding over numerous civil cases against NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard, over a requirement that workers such as health care and aged care staff must be vaccinated during the ongoing Delta outbreak.

The civil cases revolve around the interpretation of a section of the Public Health Act under which the mandatory vaccination orders were made.

They also address alleged breaches of privacy rights.

At a directions hearing, Justice Beech-Jones told the court he had been inundated with phone calls and emails from people who were not involved in the case.

“I will not read the emails. I will not reply to the calls,” he said.

“People who do so are at risk of interfering with the administration of justice and anyone who encourages this is equally encouraging interference in the administration of justice.”

Justice Beech-Jones said he was concerned that the calls and emails could amount to interference in the administration of justice.

He said the emails he was being “bombarded” with were stopping “legitimate emails” from parties associated with the case from being processed.

Anti-lockdown agitators have been sharing the email address of the judge’s associate on social media and calling on people to contact him to express their opposition to vaccine mandates.

Around 28,000 people tuned in to follow the hearing which was streamed live on the Supreme Court website.

The judge noted that some future hearing dates will not be live-streamed as they will be heard in open court.


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