Prince Harry and Meagain

There is no question about it. This entire shambles has really gotten out of hand. Harry, for all his faults and possible questions about his parenting has gone from superstar to super drop kick in a few years. A lot of it he brought on himself. He was all set to actually shape up to be a great King, intelligent, decorated soldier, charity worker, well spoken etc etc…. Then came along Meagain… As to why he teamed up with her is beyond belief. OK – lets be charitable and give her the benefit of the doubt. People can lift and become the part, happens often. If she did lift she actually could have made a great Queen. The first mistake, the wedding was in opposition to the FA Cup final. What act of lunacy was that? The wedding, more like a Harlem bible meet. Disgusting.

May be an image of military uniform

We are talking about royalty here, now a 94 year old Monarch. A very very conservative Royal Family. OK, they have their issues, so what, as does every family. This interview disaster with, of all people Oprah Winfrey, puts the issue beyond doubt. The best thing the Palace could have done was shut up and say nothing. But no, they had to feed the tabloids. This website holds the view that is simplicity in itself.

Presume Harry’s parenting isn’t what it should be. The Palace took him in and raised him as one of their own. That is as lovely and responsible as it gets. Perhaps the Palace did have his mother killed and Harry knows it. Well yes he would want to square up with the lot of them. If that is the case he certainly  has achieved his aim.

AS far as Princess Diana goes yes a fantastic lady. She was always up against Camilla. It was never going to work. All Diana was as it turns out was a brood mare. Job done get rid of her. The whole filthy mess was no doubt orchestrated by Queen Elizabeth and it blew up in her face. I really dont blame Harry at all. To me Charles is the real villain in all this. God help us if he ever gets to be King.

The fallout has only begun, the monarchy is finished, that’s for certain.

Anyone slagging this guy off on pathetic memes… just remember he did two tours of Afghanistan which saw some of the most intense battles since WW2.
He continues to support injured service men and women.
So if he wants to be left alone then respect his wishes.
The guy is a fucking hero in my eyes!
Just like his mother was ! Both legends! 😘
Call them Ginge and Whinge, or Ginger and Whinger, who cares

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