Qatar Debacle

Direct copy from social media, so truthful honest and well written. Lets add into it the woke lot who plan on taking a knee or wear their gay supporting arm bands (English and Danish). This has all the indicators of destroying sport forever, social media if filthy about it all. And yes, we expect the final decision to be “the greatest world cup ever” – by those who had their pockets lined. Let us not forget the two faced attitude to Budweiser, yes the American beer people. Beer was going to be allowed however 2 days before the start it was disallowed. Islamics, never to be trusted for any reason. Do that to them and watch the bitch session.

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Qatar 2022. The Cursed World
By : Jon Kokura
“What starts badly, ends badly,” said my grandmother, who was wise and very beautiful.
12 years ago in December 2010. Joseph Blatter, FIFA president in those years announced that 2022 World Cup would be played in Qatar.
The only ones who jumped out of their happy seats like worms were members of the Al Thani family. They are the masters and lords of Qatar.
This small territory tucked into the Persian Gulf, with a single land border, with Saudi Arabia, with which they get along pretty bad. Qatar is sitting on top of the world’s third oil and gas reserve. Its population is 250,000 catars. And 2,750,000 migrant workers… Yes 80% of the population are foreigners.
In Qatar the word democracy is a joke in bad taste. There, the one cutting the cheese is the royal family Al Thani. And Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani of 42 lollipops and three beautiful wives.. for the time being.
As the owners of Qatar are, their assets are around $350 billion. And since they don’t know what to do with so many petro dollars, apart from building disgusting buildings, up in the desert. And buy football clubs, PSG among others.
Someone suggested they fund the NGOs that work feeding the world’s hungry children.. but he was not given the ball. One day the men of Al Thani family (women can’t even say peep) said, “What if we buy 2022 World Cup?” » «Give it! » they all answered… And they bought a World Cup.
It came off cheap for them. They paid a million dollars to certain delegates from the Concacaf (Central America) A million and a half to others from the Conmebol (South America) A couple of million here and another beyond… They say French football crack Michel Platini, who was a virgin, pure and pure, made $7.5 million. And il capo di tutti i capi, the Argentinian Julio Grondona (died 2014) bagged 10 green sticks to say yes to Qatar 2022.
Immediately the Qatari royalty got to work. They had to build soccer stadiums, in a “country” where no one played soccer. The original project was 12 stadiums. There were 8 left, one of them dismountable, which they will “donate” to some country where football is played. If you have in your neighborhood, a scratchy and pininienta canchita, write to the Emir of Qatar. Who knows? Around there, they give him the detachable stadium.
The thing was that, to build the 8 stadiums, hotels, airport, highway, shopping malls, they needed cheap, very cheap labor… And that they are rotten in dollars. And they took migrant workers in bulk. In a slavery system called “Kafala” which consists of giving a administrator (black) full power to hire immigrants, exploits them by withholding passports. Making them live crowded and with work hours of up to 18 hours per day. No right to work, much less to change jobs.
Without this perverse system, building what was built in Qatar, with temperatures ranging from 30° to 50° in the shade was impossible. Since 2010 an average of 12 workers per week died at work. A total of 6,751 migrant workers died so that you; “Long live football! “
This, not to mention workers in Kenya and the Philippines, where immigration records are not taken. The death tolls reported by The Guardian, BBC (England) and Amnesty International are: India 2711.. Nepal 1641… Bangladesh 1018… Pakistan 824… Sri Lanka 557.
8 spectacular stadiums were built, but stained with blood. They are so close to each other, that if you are good at riding a bike, you’ll go through them all, in just over half a day.
Recently, in Iran, a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini was killed at the hands of police for wearing “wrong veil.” This caused a wave of protest in Iran and around the world.
As if in Qatar women could dress as their ovaries are sung. Like they have the right to decide for themselves. Like they can play football. The female side of FIFA grows every day. Women’s soccer leagues are growing in popularity. But the 2022 World Cup will be held in a territory, where women are forbidden to play sport. Among many other things.
In Qatar, the Mexican journalist Paola Schietekat, who worked for the World Cup, is sentenced to seven years in prison, plus a hundred whips, dated February 19, 2022. For having denounced a Colombian colleague who raped her in Catari territory. The rapist was married, so the raped woman is to blame. According to “la shaira” Islamic law that “controls” women.
The 2022 World Cup lasted for a month
30 days in which the Qatari plants will be operating at full capacity to maintain air conditioning in the 8 stadiums, hotels, tourist centers and shopping centers. Throwing polluting smoke into the air, equivalent to ten thousand cars spewing unfiltered smog per hour. It’s all for the football party… Because sport is health ok?
But there’s a more sinister shadow over Qatar 2022. The potential of terrorist attacks.
Muslims neither forget nor forgive… even if they say yes. Qatar’s royal family has funded dark terrorist factions in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Libya funded the terrorists who killed leader Muamar el-Gaddafi in October 2011. Why won’t they ruin “the party” for Catari pro Yankee royalty?
Nobody talks about this… Everyone crosses their fingers, praying that no suicidal Muslim is martyred, flying in the middle of a crowd. How 2021 happened at Kabul Airport.
In Europe, Qatar’s World Cup is called: “The World Cup of Shame.” There’s a move in French cities not to put giant screens in public places in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille, etc. It’s a form of protest over a football World Cup that took the lives and dreams of thousands of migrant workers, who no one cared about. By 8 stadiums of shit. That for 30 days they’ll be full of fans. And empty, for all eternity. On a whim of the Al Thani family, who in 2010 bought a World Cup.
In a world in crisis. With millions displaced by hunger and starving. In the height of a nuclear war.
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