These Bastards Do Not Deserve To Live

Two Family Law Court Judges, and yes there are more of them.

Let me make a promise to the world, if my son is ever harmed Judge David Collier is one very dead ex Judge.

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This is so horrific but not uncommon from the family courts to be accessories to these type of disgusting crimes😢😢😢 R.I.P James ,my thoughts are with you Kara , sending big hugs 💕💕
May be an image of 2 people and text that says "Judge John Dalton Judge Rene Cruz James Ryker Biel was raped and killed due to our horrific judgments."
Today is Halloween, the two year anniversary of my son’s death. His name was James Ryker Biel and he was raped when he was one year old and then killed three months later at the age of two, cause of death a cervical spinal cord injury, that his Father nor his Grandfather have an explanation for.
The scariest thing I could think of posting today is what children suffer at the hands of Family Court.
Both Judge Dalton and Judge Cruz were informed that Thomas Jerry Biel admitted to raping me, both of them were informed Thomas had child pornography as well as over 700 children in just their underwear on a hard drive he stated was solely his property. Both Judges were also aware Thomas stated he was at risk of sexually assaulting and killing his children.
My son suffered, 9 hospitalizations, an incarcerated prolapsed rectum, a dilated anus, as well as no anal tone, he underwent two ultrasounds none of which could find any evidence of constipation, every other underlying condition was ruled, medical professionals at Laurie’s children believed that my son was anally penetrated with an object, raped.
Three months after this rape my son died on Halloween night on the year 2019.
RIP James Ryker Biel
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