This Cop Is Dead

Seems this prick seriously injured a protester not long ago. That is the exact wording from social media. Word has it from various social media groups that people want him dead and are working towards that end. His name is Kristian Schouten, badge VP39380. Judging from his name I suspect he is south African.People do not go to all this trouble of identifying somebody without reason. Judging by the way these Victorian cops have acted dont really blame them. Evidence is that last Saturday (22/8/21) rubber bullets were fired into people. Let us get one fact very clear, this was premeditated and under orders. These lot came to the protest armed. Fact. and with a few personal stories I have regarding NSW cops civil war will be Australia wide and very real soon. The protesters will come armed, and yes they are armed. Does the bullshit story of the Port Arthur massacre make sense now? This was all planned many years ago, most smart people could see that and buried weapons and stockpiled ammunition.

victorian cop

The softies claim “they are only doing their job”.  really? That excuse and others such as these cops really dont enjoy doing what they are told is total bullshit. These excuses simply do not ever wash before, now or later when trials and executionsbecome a reality in Citizen Courts. This will happen. In all my life this webmaster has never seen the likes of what is going on now or ever thought it was possible to happen. Certain people in our country are in fact very far sighted. When Law and Order breaks down, Police are made irrelevent, the Courts fail to function which is happening now, the Elite Soldiers move in and take over. I should know, I am ex Commando. Please trust me, Police will be slaughtered wholesale. Factually in any civil war where Police versus Military, the Military always wins. Always have everywhere in the world.

vic pol weak as piss

The politicians have dug themselves into a hole they cannot get out of. Yes they will keep digging.

This is the cop who gave orders to open fire on innocent Victorians..

cop who gave order to open fire

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